Sunday, 24 November 2013

New Lamps For Old / Exedra Update.

I'll never be a famous blogger at this post rate.
As I'm not sure if any of this gets read I'll get to the point.
The planned 'Apex Creatures' follow up was put on hold so I could divert all my energies into project exedra with Jeremy Gluck. It's been a fantastic creative experience for me. Matching music that works with his lyrics. And as is my habit when inspired I go completely overboard. At least 20 tracks or more have been written. However for many reasons plans for an album have been cut back. Some material is nearly finished and will be released probably in 2014. The rest could possibly be used for a NLFO album or something else. It depends on how the exedra release does and Jeremy's commitments to his many other projects.
Noticed recently that some tracks from 'Apex Creatures' have been getting a lot more Soundcloud play's. The secret to this seem's to be in putting up more and more music and interacting with other artists material as well. If this kind of thing has any lasting benefit for most musicians then only time will tell.


Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Single Minded

New idea in the works to put together 3 tracks as initially a sampler and also a possible single.
These 3 will hopefully act as a showcase for a later album release.
Last Thursday 29th worked again at EMP studio on one track for single.
Not lots to add but getting drums right proved tricky.
Same for track from the previous Wednesday.

Aiming to have these finished sometime in January.
Even talk about live work for this project if it gets interest from a label.
If not could be looking at a pledge music idea for an album that's a way from finished but waiting out there somewhere in the distance.

Really got into this album by Robert Fripp and Theo Travis recently.
'Follow' is a low key ambient outing on first listens but like all great music reveals it's true self only on repeated listens. Not really my thing reviewing albums but Fripp needs no introduction and Theo Travis is a wonderful saxophonist and flautist. Moving between art, ambient, jazz, prog & rock and whatever else appeals to him.


Friday, 26 October 2012

Invisible Time

Time has slipped by quickly since the last update for this blog.
Been busy coming up with new songs for album project.
Vocalists lyrics are inspiring to work with so must have 15 or more by now.

Still recording basics of new ones but not too far from getting enough to form an album with.
Then stage 2 adding vocals and perfecting each track.
Then onto mixing, mastering, ETC. Could be well into 2013 before it's finished.
No idea at this stage about releasing. Not keen on the Bandcamp, CDbaby, approach.
Your just one in a billion releasing on there. Too early to speculate about all that.
Also started another project. Electronic music with me adding lyrics and vocals.
Three tracks came together very quickly. Looking forward to doing more with that one.


Monday, 4 June 2012

Tuesday 29th May.
Another recording evening at EMP studio.
Very languid music set to poetry.
Written on guitar like most of it.

Always harder I find to record laid back music.
Initial thoughts about using mainly piano was right.
Piano and strings sort of 'Gorecki' meets 'Satie'.

Must go with instincts. 
Nearly always works.


Thursday, 17 May 2012

Began recording a new track at EMP studio on Tuesday.
Second one for new album project with well known vocalist.
Low key verse parts breaking into strong chorus with 
Mark Elliott's new found vocal talent for harmony's.
New middle eight fitted well but needs the most work.
Keyboards and maybe strings. Had good idea for vocal part over it this morning.
Aiming for 10 tracks so will record as much of each one as possible in 10 sessions. 
Then finish the whole thing afterwards in a few intense days.
That's the plan anyway.
Not been into making music this much for a long time.


Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Another fine evening at EMP studio.
Trippy instrumental came together really well.
Amazing what you can come up with in a short space of time.
Mark Elliott is a wizard with all the studio tech stuff.

Trying to create music from basic structures by throwing ideas on top quickly and seeing what happens. A bit like abstract painting I suppose.
The difference is we can remove the paint from the canvas.
Resisted the temptation to make it overly melodic.
Hard to do with a 24 track setup and all the sounds and samples available.
This track should not need too much more work.