Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Single Minded

New idea in the works to put together 3 tracks as initially a sampler and also a possible single.
These 3 will hopefully act as a showcase for a later album release.
Last Thursday 29th worked again at EMP studio on one track for single.
Not lots to add but getting drums right proved tricky.
Same for track from the previous Wednesday.

Aiming to have these finished sometime in January.
Even talk about live work for this project if it gets interest from a label.
If not could be looking at a pledge music idea for an album that's a way from finished but waiting out there somewhere in the distance.

Really got into this album by Robert Fripp and Theo Travis recently.
'Follow' is a low key ambient outing on first listens but like all great music reveals it's true self only on repeated listens. Not really my thing reviewing albums but Fripp needs no introduction and Theo Travis is a wonderful saxophonist and flautist. Moving between art, ambient, jazz, prog & rock and whatever else appeals to him.


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