Sunday, 24 November 2013

New Lamps For Old / Exedra Update.

I'll never be a famous blogger at this post rate.
As I'm not sure if any of this gets read I'll get to the point.
The planned 'Apex Creatures' follow up was put on hold so I could divert all my energies into project exedra with Jeremy Gluck. It's been a fantastic creative experience for me. Matching music that works with his lyrics. And as is my habit when inspired I go completely overboard. At least 20 tracks or more have been written. However for many reasons plans for an album have been cut back. Some material is nearly finished and will be released probably in 2014. The rest could possibly be used for a NLFO album or something else. It depends on how the exedra release does and Jeremy's commitments to his many other projects.
Noticed recently that some tracks from 'Apex Creatures' have been getting a lot more Soundcloud play's. The secret to this seem's to be in putting up more and more music and interacting with other artists material as well. If this kind of thing has any lasting benefit for most musicians then only time will tell.


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